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Flipping for the Flip

May 15, 2009 8:45:46 AM / by Rhonda posted in bath, Orange County, CA Remodeling, burgin-construction:Burgin Construction, cabinets, camcorder, blogging, home-remodeling:Home Remodeling, design, designing, customer-service:Customer Service, green, home, kitchen, Video, orange-county:Orange County, remodel


Before I begin, please don’t take this as a commercial. Those of you who know me know that I am a big believer of giving my opinion on things whether good or bad. I am very outspoken when I find a product that does what its supposed to do at a reasonable price. I love new gadgets that “just work” hence my desk littered with my Samsung Instinct, Ipod, GN Netcom Handsfree Headset and Lifter, and last but not least, my Kindle. When I find a new product that helps either me personally or the Burgin Company as a whole I sing its praises repeatedly. And the one I’m singing about this week? The Flip Video.

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