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Schluter® Eases The Process of Installing Heated Bathroom Floors!

Feb 25, 2014 11:43:07 PM / by Rhonda posted in bath, bathroom, bathroom-remodel:Bathroom Remodel, Our Latest Blog Posts, burgin, burgin-construction:Burgin Construction, construction, design, designer, energy, flooring, floors, heated-flooring:heated flooring, heated-floors:heated floors, home, home-remodeling:Home Remodeling, remodel, Remodeling, schluter


This week we decided to share an upcoming new product from a company whose products we use religiously...almost as religiously as I have my coffee ummm...I mean, use social media! Needless to say this Schluter product has great benefits and comes from a trusted company. With a March release date, we can't wait to get our "constructive" (see what I did there) hands on it...

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Walking On Air...

Jul 16, 2013 6:29:34 AM / by Rhonda posted in Our Latest Blog Posts, burgin, burgin-construction:Burgin Construction, cabinets, construction, cork-flooring:Cork flooring, flooring, green, green-floors:Green floors, home, home-remodeling:Home Remodeling, kitchen-remodel:Kitchen Remodel, oc, orange-county:Orange County, remodel, Remodeling


When you think Cork, you think Wine, I do I'm sure most people do. Or maybe you think of bulletin boards and thumbtacks? Beautiful flooring doesn't stop at Hardwood, Marble or Italian tile...

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